me and my assistant, rex


photo: İBobby Model


 reading the light

Peter Mallamo has been a "student" of photography and cinematography for over half of his life, as there is always more to learn. He has worked in the motion picture/commercial industry since 1989, in jobs ranging from rigging on feature films to gripping and assisting camera on commercials to shooting spots for the Environmental Protection Agency. His passion for filmmaking, which he describes as "the art of telling captivating and compelling stories with my cameras", is something that has consumed his life.

In 1997 Peter began specializing in adventure filmmaking and time-lapse cinematography, with an emphasis on big wall rock climbing expeditions to remote areas of the world. His travels have taken him to places such as Baffin Island, Africa, Greenland, Patagonia and Alaska. "The greatest thing about traveling to these wild places" he says "is not only to be able to climb there, but also to have the opportunity to experience the unique cultures in the areas we visit". Peter's ability to integrate these cultures into his projects is what he believes makes his work stand apart from other adventure films. His background in the film industry gives him an understanding of what it takes to get the necessary footage to tell a story, and the fact that he feels comfortable looking through the lens of a camera hanging from a rope thousands of feet above the ground makes him a perfect candidate for the job.

In 2002 Peter changed direction with his filmmaking and began to focus on cultural documentary work. His new direction took him to such places as Northern Pakistan as well as Central and East Africa. He has produced several documentaries that enlighten the viewer on different cultures and thinks his best friend, the late Bobby Model , put it best when he said:


"Wherever we are, people have certain universal emotions.

We are all the same."