On the outskirts of Nairobi, Kenya lies one of Africa’s largest dump sites, Dandora: a 30-acre spread of garbage growing by more than 2000 tons of waste daily. The area is crime-ridden and populated by the lowest-income city dwellers. The majority of the children here are from single mother households, and they struggle to provide daily meals for their children who are often living in the streets during the day without supervision and in search of food. Hunger drives these children, and they resort to scavenging for their only meal in Dandora. This film documents the story of one extraordinary woman touching the lives of these destitute children. Teresia Watere began an informal school, day-care and feeding center for young children within walking distance of Dandora. Teresia Watere’s intention is simply to be of service to those who are in need of compassion, support and the most basic of human necessities-food.

**This project was produced by inFocus, a non-profit group who hired me as Director of Photography and Editor.

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Running Time-17 minutes

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