In the Northern Areas of Pakistan, amid the rugged Karakoram Mountains, lies a relatively isolated region called Baltistan. For over 50 years, tourism in the region flourished as mountaineers flocked to the Karakoram to scale the world’s most challenging peaks. The Balti people have struggled in this beautiful and harsh environment, but because men were able to find work as porters to assist expeditions, many families enjoyed an income to supplement their subsistence lifestyle. This extra money afforded them luxuries such as sugar, spices and tea. Then the terrorist attacks of 9-11 and the subsequent “war on terror” all but halted tourism in the area. This film is a journey into the lives of the Balti people and illustrates how events that occur in one place can have a drastic impact on those living a world away. It is through their resilience and tenacity that the people of Baltistan endure and inspire.

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Running Time-32 minutes

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