In 2000, a unique and innovative project began in South Sudan, while the country was embroiled in a devastating two-generation long civil war that displaced and ravaged millions. South Sudan is endowed with abundant resources and there has always been a deep desire among the Sudanese for a time when they could own and develop their resource heritage. The Lulu Livelihood Programme was created to provide an opportunity for a sustainable livelihood for rural women through the collection, processing and manufacture of products derived from the wild shea nut tree. This worker-owned business has enabled these women to transcend the brutalities of war and plant the seed for a foundation of peace within their homes, communities and country. This film documents the story of Lulu Works, and how it has changed the lives of these amazing women.

**This project was produced by inFocus, a non-profit group who hired me as Director of Photography and Editor.

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Running Time-19 minutes

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